* The use of trends helps to determine the demand for products / services / team motivation in the future and prepare for it in advance. Trendwatching will identify promotion drivers that will help you win in the competition and understand the reasons for stagnation (if any). Dialogue with the leader helps to reveal the internal resources of the team/business/product.
Use of public tools for business/product/team development and trends, global or in a specific industry. Initially, it is always individual work with the leader of the top team, and then – with the team itself.
for the leaders and teams
Key Tasks of Trendwatching
Identify relationships between changes in society and business/product/team – implementing solutions with consideration of trends
Adapt existing products to trends
Forecast of the market situation for the next 5-10 years
Develop the "thinking out of the box" skill
Help the team generate ideas based
on current trends
See free niches for development
Develop HR brand
Become a leader in innovation
and create products of the future
Become more modern, meet market conditions
Harmony of Process and Result
During sessions in a confidential atmosphere, the coach helps to expand the horizons of thinking for a new perspective on tasks and business
Goal and task setting, trend selection, and choice of working tools
Meeting the Leader
Adapting the event to a specific business considering the trends
The client receives an assessment
of the prospects for implementing innovations and a plan for it
Examples of Completed Projects
Social Project
"Fairytales by the Fireplace"
"Fairytales by the Fireplace" is a project created for regular communication and friendship between grandparents from nursing homes and children.
The main task is to establish communication between generations, to change the attitude towards old age among very young, young and middle-aged generations.
Mission: changing society's attitude to the problem of aging through raising children in love and acceptance of older people, regardless of their physical or psychological condition.
Author's course
"Old Age, Aging and Empathy"
A course on the features of aging and the interaction of generations
Course goals:
• To form the skill of understanding older people, to see their moods and states.
• To form the skill of respectful communication with older people.
• To show that the older generation has capabilities (physical and mental) that are different from those of other adults.
• To expand the knowledge of students, and through them adults, about such concepts as "old age", "dementia".

Why does business need trendwatching?
It helps to consider the qualities that will be in demand in the near future and in the distant perspective in business / product / team. This approach takes into account the influence of internal and external factors, helps to anticipate competitors, discover free niches, directions, and growth points.

What are the main trends right now?
Changing attitudes towards age and aging, friendly relations within the team, collaborations and unification of business systems, digitalization, the emergence of corporate psychologists and coaches, a lot of time is devoted to the employees' mental health, and much more.
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Open European Academy of Economics & Politics - Mini MBA
Moscow School of Business "SKOLKOVO"
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