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  • Moscow School of Business SKOLKOVO
    Professional retraining "Executive coaching and mentoring for the development of managers, top teams and organizations"
  • Moscow School of Business SKOLKOVO
    Professional retraining "SKOLKOVO Practicum Global Shift"
  • Doctor of Social Work and Business Administration
    Professional degree
  • Open European Academy of Economics & Politics, Mini MBA
    Facilitation, Moderation and Strategic Thinking
  • Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA)
    Higher education
  • Moscow State University of Foreign Languages named after Maurice Thorez
    Higher education
  • Russian State Tax Academy of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
    Higher education
  • Moscow School of Business SKOLKOVO
    Professional retraining
  • Sweedish Institute. Management Programme
    International educational program
  • Ashoka Visionary Program
    International educational program
  • Psychological counseling and psycho-diagnostics: technologies for the implementation of practical assistance
    Professional retraining
  • Preschool pedagogy. Parenting and development of children in preschool educational organizations
    Professional retraining
  • Pediatric neuropsychology
    Professional retraining
  • Clinical psychology in gerontology
    Professional retraining
  • Tracker КЛИК 2020
    Gratitude from the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation for the organization and support of the Acceleration and educational program for the development of anti-crisis leaders and teams of the digital economy of the "КЛИК" project
  • Gratitude from Sergey Sobyanin 2020
    Gratitude from the Mayor of Moscow Sergey S. Sobyanin for the personal contribution to the creation of favorable conditions for doing business and active participation in the formation of a comfortable urban environment in Moscow
  • Speaker at 2020
    Gratitude from the Agency for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship for excellent work and cooperation in 2020
  • Winner in the nomination "For personal contribution to the development of social entrepreneurship"
  • Winner in the nomination "From fairytales to true stories" - for a systematic approach to the development of emotional ties between generations and an open search for new sustainable practices
  • Special nomination of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation "The best social project created by a woman"
  • Badge of Honor Volunteer of Russia
  • Prizewinner of the contest "For Contribution to the Development of a Harmonious Society"
  • SAP UP 2016
    Prizewinner of social startups contest
  • Winner of the competition and grantee to the Startup Academy of Skolkovo
  • Successful Mom Competition 2016
    Winner in the nomination "Mom is a Social Entrepreneur"
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The film "The Nurse" is dedicated to a very necessary profession, which is not appreciated enough in our country. Many people, in particular medical workers, often do not consider nurses as people, but we should not forget that this is very hard work. "The world has lost its humanity," says the main character of the film, Marina Fedorova, a nurse in the assisted living for the elderly "House at the Park". It is very important to make people understand that it is necessary to respect and appreciate the work of such people, because we all will be old one day.

Producer – Natalia Peryazeva
Film director – Arina Chasovskikh
Throughout the short film "Friendship without Borders" the main character Zhenya Afonin tells about his friend with whom he has so much in common. However, it later becomes clear that a "friend" means all the guests of the assisted living for the elderly "House at the Park". The film shows that friendship between the younger and older generation is not only possible, but also necessary! Seniors need help and attention, and children, in turn, learn to understand and empathize.

Original authors: Natalia Peryazeva & Elena Kapura
Social Project
"Fairytales by the Fireplace"
"Fairytales by the Fireplace" is a project created for regular communication and friendship between grandparents from nursing homes and children.
The main task is to establish communication between generations, to change the attitude towards old age among very young, young and middle-aged generations.
Mission: changing society's attitude to the problem of aging through raising children in love and acceptance of older people, regardless of their physical or psychological condition.
Author's course
"Old Age, Aging and Empathy"
A course on the features of aging and the interaction of generations
Course goals:
• To form the skill of understanding older people, to see their moods and states.
• To form the skill of respectful communication with older people.
• To show that the older generation has capabilities (physical and mental) that are different from those of other adults.
• To expand the knowledge of students, and through them adults, about such concepts as "old age", "dementia".