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* This is a balance between participation in the process and achieving results. The basis is mutual understanding and a common field for finding collective solutions by the whole team and a conscious distribution of responsibility.
Collaborative work of the group/team on finding solutions and forming goals, using design thinking and strategic planning tools adapted to the capabilities and tasks of the participants.
When Facilitation can be helpful
Common ground for new ideas and transformation of business processes involving the team
Redistribution of tasks and responsibilities
Generation of ideas and creative solutions
Formation of the mission and vision of the company's development
Synchronization of participants' and global goals
Team building
Strategic planning
Dealing with internal team conflicts
Harmony of process and result
A safe space is created where the participants of the process take the initiative aimed at solving a common problem.
Preliminary meeting to identify the request and set goals for the session
Creation of a scenario, selection of tools to achieve the goals of the Customer
Holding sessions (online/offline)
Formed list of steps / ideas / solutions for the Customer's goals
Completed projects
Facilitation interactive sessions according to individual scenarios
Gratitudes and reviews
Who is a facilitator?
A facilitator is a guide who creates conditions for the interaction of team members, taking into account the opinions of everyone.
What is facilitation?
Facilitation means "promote the process." Facilitation allows you to reach the goal in such a way that no opinion is left without attention.
Qualification confirmation
Open European Academy of Economics & Politics – Mini MBA
Non-profit organisations: Charity Fund "Children-butterflies", Charity Fund of Vladimir Potanin, "", Agency for Strategic Initiatives, etc.
IT companies: Yandex, Logic Stars Group, web portal for the older generation "", etc.
Educational projects: КЛИК 2020, ООЦ 2021, «Точка роста» etc.
Professional experience in facilitation