for a business leader, startup, non-profit organization
* IT Represents the interaction of a mentor – an experienced professional who is ready to support and inspire his mentee, and a mentee – a less experienced specialist – in order to solve work problems and for career growth. The process of communication between a mentor and a mentee is mutual: through it, both find meanings and insights for their own path.
Individual work with a director or a business owner, taking into account the expertise and business experience of the mentor. The mentor can give advice and recommendations, help the mentee see additional opportunities and unleash his/her potential.
Scaling the product, searching for a new niche, entering other markets
Change in the mindset of the owner or head of the business or direction
Search for growth points
Formation of a strategy for the further movement of the leader and/or a team
Work&Life Balance
Acquaintance with the third-party experience to solve one's own problems
Mentor and mentee sessions are peer-to-peer communication based on trust, where there is no top-down concept. A transparent meeting process with mandatory feedback helps to get a multi-dimensional view of the requests and resolve them
Mentoring helps the leader and the business
Harmony of process and result
Mentoring will help a menti find the right focus: a mentor will highlight the hidden needs of the mentee, evaluate real opportunities and find support points that will become a catalyst for development, which will allow to solve business problems as efficiently as possible
Establishing a trusting relationship and concluding a mentoring agreement
Setting goals, developing an individual strategy and final plan – the joint work of a mentor and a mentee
Online and/or offline, where the mentor leads to the goal with feedback
Feedback session on predetermined goals, discussion of progress
Final meeting
Menti achieves session goals
Leonid Tarasov
Hello Natalia! I think our meetings were very helpful. At the initial stage, the tools that you gave me through MIRO helped me to better understand the target groups of our events and services, it became clear that with the heterogeneity of events and their reach to clients, the backbone of the audience has a similar profile. It helped as a result in the communication strategy, now this approach is already confirmed by practice. Expert knowledge on my requests was very interesting, among the most important was the fact that the leader of an organization in a small business is a B2B manager, which depends a lot on her reputation and communication. This is important. In general, it was very interesting to communicate with a very tactful, attentive and intelligent person who has tremendous experience in entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship))
Why does an entrepreneur need a mentor?
The mentor shares his/her experience with the mentee and draws up an individual plan, and also the mentor projects his/her experience onto the mentee and tells specific steps of action. Another important difference is that the mentor has significant business experience.
Is mentoring just for beginners?
It's a delusion. Mentoring is a process in which both parties are interested. That is why factors such as trust and feedback are so important. This is always a two-way process, in which the experience of a mentor and the need to share it successfully converged with the tasks of the mentee and his/her desire to transform himself as a person and a professional.
Qualification confirmation
Professional experience
Swedish Institut of Management
Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA)
Moscow School of Business SKOLKOVO
Ashoka Visionary Program
Non-profit organization. Expert on the development of women's entrepreneurship and social business, author of a course on old age and aging.
Kindergarten and boarding house for the elderly. Author of the social project "Tales by the Fireplace", which has shown its effectiveness on the example of its own and external projects.
IT business. Founder and head of companies creating and supporting software for autobusiness automation, ERP and CRM systems.
Russian State Tax Academy of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation