Consulting and mentoring


On the market you can find an incredible number of business trainers and consultants, mentors and coaches of all stripes. Among them there may be professional psychologists and coaches, established entrepreneurs or theorists.
You have reached the correct address if your request concerns:
  1. Social Entrepreneurship or Volunteering
  2. Starting any new project from corporate volunteering initiatives to (re) starting your own business
  3. Automation of business processes, primarily for enterprises of the social sphere, from prescribing the processes of a large enterprise to choosing a contractor for a project
Almost every leader and entrepreneur or person who is just embarking on this path needs a "third opinion", a view from the other side. This request may relate to the development of an industry or one's own business, work on a financial model or marketing, or maybe a business plan, staff motivation or delegation, and millions more practical and theoretical questions. Our work will be individual, online or in person. Mandatory results will be insights and a new look at the usual problems and tasks.

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