Kindergarten «7 Dwarfs»

A fabulous place with a safe and beautiful territory, where there is everything necessary for a happy childhood and the harmonious development of children. The kindergarten offers developmental classes, preparation for school, caring for children and a lot of entertainment, birthdays in the spirit of adventure and fairy tales, as well as a summer camp. We have been working since 2010. 

Our mission: to turn childhood, the best and most carefree time, into a real fairytale. You ask: "What is the secret of this place and how do you manage it?". Everything is simple! Every new day in our kindergarten is not like the previous one and resembles the most magical holiday! 

Preschool age is a self-valuable period of a person's life, which gives rise to the formation of the most important personality traits. This is not just preparation for school, when we wait and see what comes of the child. This is a time of an active life, a time of character formation, a time of manifestation of talents and aspirations.