House by the Park

We created a calm and sincere outdoor recreation away from the city bustle and worries. We selected a program of accommodation individually based on the condition of a senior. A House by the Park was the official partner of the German Generationbrücke Deutschland project for the unification of generations. The assisted living for the elderly hosted regular meetings as part of the "Fairytales by the Fireplace" project. Employees had internships in Germany, having raised their qualifications in the field of elderly care. House by the Park opened its doors in 2015. 

Our mission is to create a future without fear of the aging! In addition to the services of a assisted living for the elderly, we strive to give something more: the warmth of home evening, freedom of movement and action, an entertainment program, communication with children and a sense of the significance of each guest. 

House by the Park is a mini-hotel for the elderly. Previously, such a place would be called a nursing home, but modern society is trying to avoid this definition. The essence of the project is to provide accommodation and care, as well as interesting leisure activities for older people. We aim to extend active longevity for those who are often already over 80 years old. We provide our guests with a full board, help them with self-care, control of medication and monitor their health, but most importantly, we give the opportunity to do something interesting: to meet, chat, joke, laugh, walk...