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Lego personal coaching session

When to use?

If it is needed:
To reveal "white spots" on a topic and see resources and opportunities (or their absence)
To build an action plan for the foreseeable period (about career, family, health, etc.)
To build a life strategy
To deal with internal contradictions on the way to achieve goals
To realize your new business/startup/project
To see scenarios of relationships with children/parents/colleagues/partners
Always when you need to expandn the creative thinking!
And in other situations

Some features and differences of the LEGO session
Ceteris paribus, adults jump into this format much faster than into classic coaching.
Thinking is stimulated not only through speech, but also through fine motor skills.
Very high concentration on the task/result
The result can be photographed and thus the person can return to reflection on the thoughtful and lived experience later (and maybe more than once)
LEGO sessions can be held online even when there are no children at home and there is nowhere to borrow a constructor (materials are sent to the customer in advance and returned after the session or remain with him/her)

Who is this format for?
Those who like to think structurally and analyze, plan time
Creative personalities
Those who secretly envy their children and sometimes collect their Lego or puzzles
Parents who want to see other facets of their children (here are conflicts, and career guidance, and illusions, and hobbies) - the session is held for children (taking into account age in the presence of a parent)
Managers who want to look at their relationship with subordinates from the outside
Self-critical people
People with an inquisitive mind who have already tried everything or almost everything

When might Lego be less effective?
In the conditions of a severe shortage of time - Lego captivates into its world and for deep work you can’t get off with a one-time hour session
If you have prejudices against gaming tools, you will have to spend part of the time debunking beliefs
In the presence of children during an adult session - children are often jealous of such use of (their) constructor

I saw adults, serious managers with dozens of subordinates, skeptical about the idea of ​​solving their problem with LEGO, literally clapped their hands when they saw what white spots were hiding behind the feeling of understanding their own projects.

It was very valuable for me to go through the experience of building a life strategy through LEGO - suddenly I saw and realized what was hiding somewhere in the back of my mind. This helped to correct the vector of my own development and the business one.
If you have ever gone through the experience of LEGO sessions, please share what experience it was?! And if you are looking for a new format of interaction with yourself, then I will be happy to introduce you to the world of images through LEGO!