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Most people on the planet do not need a personal life strategy! Do you agree?

The question may seem provocative, but if you dig a little deeper, then maybe this is reality?

Let's see what is a personal life strategy? It's something about the Goal and the Plan to achieve it, isn't it? This is where the main contradiction lies – the more you understand about your personal Goal, the clearer the Plan for achieving it, the less free you are! Your freedom is limited by your own plan!

If you have a goal to run a marathon, then the path to it lies through training and maintaining a level of health sufficient for such a load. Thus, you already a priori choose not to go clubbing until the morning, not to go to bed after midnight, not to eat everything that is harmful, but very tasty, but you go through a regular check-up even if you have never liked doctors before. And now you are already inside the rules created for the Goal.

Let's take another example – you have been involved in sports all your life and live within the limits created for you, but not by you. If this sport has ceased to be your true goal, then at some point the mountain of muscles is covered with a layer of fat, and from the memories of past victories only cups and certificates are remained.

The same goes for business! If you seriously want to achieve the Result and go to your Goal, then you put a lot of worldly joys at feet: you get up in the morning, when the whole house is still asleep, in order to be in time for a meeting / plane / study, build hard time management into your life and add /remove micromanagement depending on your Goal. You absorb and process a lot of useful information instead of reading fiction or watching TV shows. You focus on the Goal and pave the way to it, but you have only one freedom – the freedom to stop going towards it, but inside you have to live according to the principles of Viktor Frankl from the Book "Say YES to Life!" (who has not read it, I highly recommend it, because it shows how our freedom looks like).

At the same time, it is obvious that a loafer is much freer than any entrepreneur, since his choice extends in a wide corridor "I want / don't want" and is limited only by his horizons. But as soon as this loafer comes up with his own life strategy, he will fall into the corridor “whether it leads to the Goal or not.” By the way, achieving the Goal may not affect the level of happiness at all! And this is another existential contradiction!

I am often asked how I have enough time and energy for everything? What looks like freedom on the outside, in reality, is the result of hard planning and restrictions, which in my case are quite organic at the current stage of life.