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I love games at work and at home

Game: you need to collect the emotion shown on the card within 3-5 seconds of the cubes. The winner is the one who first correctly collects the emotion from his/her memory.

What could be easier? However, less than half of the rounds are won by the players – most of the cards are taken by the host, as unguessed.

What can you talk about with this exercise?
1) memory development
2) willingness to take risks
3) the desire to "sit out" until others fail the task
4) joy of victory / sadness of defeat
and so on.
And the next task is to collect the scariest face for everyone, and then the happiest one.

In my practice, horror stories are different for everyone, but joy and happiness are the same!

Bonus exercise: you have 3 minutes to look at the picture and analyze your emotions. I suggest that participants start with sadness or fear. Then collect a positive emotion and also look at it.