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5 Symptoms of Himalayan Syndrome

5 symptoms of the Himalayan syndrome (alas, they do not lose their relevance due to the vagueness of times):
1. Do you feel like you are running somewhere?
2. You do not fully understand what is the purpose of this flight? Money? What for? And how much?
3. If you, having finished a big job, without having time to enjoy it immediately rush for a new one.
4. You notice that you seem to be doing everything right: career growth, self-development, money, but happiness does not increase.
5. At the same time, you have symptoms of depression: often a low mood, no strength to do anything, you want to hide from everyone, well, to be left behind.

To cope with the Himalayan syndrome you need:
1. Track when you take on a new task, ask why do you need it? What happens if I refuse?
2. Redefine your beliefs and concepts about success and achievement.
3. Understand what is behind this goal? What do you want to get with your diligence? Maybe there is another way?
4. Breathe with your stomach, because it won't hurt anyone.

On a collective level, to cope with the Himalayan syndrome helps:
1. Practice mutual gratitude
2. Recognition of each other's merits even in small things
3. Scoring achievements and victories, followed by an award in any form