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The practicing facilitator's dilemma: nobody likes transformation

The neutrality of the facilitator is an indisputable truth! But are there situations when the facilitator can get out of his position and reveal all the cards to the Client?

The real case

My clients included both those who went into a team session TO TRANSFORM AT ANY COST, and those who "just wanted to plan sth". There is no need to say that where the transformation was set as a goal, the WOW effect was achieved much more often.

When we discuss with the customer the goals and tasks of the team, as well as the expected good and sufficient result, I always outline the risks including those of a transformational nature.

I believe that the director (and the customer is always the director) should calculate the risks at the entrance and only then enter the process and introduce the team into it. If the team is not ready for upheavals and changes, then I always choose tools that will preserve the overall positive attitude as much as possible without sharp bursts and consequences.

I also noticed that the very word “transformation” has depreciated thanks to the infobusinessmen. But the words “magic” which perfectly describes what is happening at the session also finds it difficult to get along in a business environment…