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How I look for points of support in myself and help the team see islands of safety

Here you unlikely find anything about the situation in the country and the world, but it definitely influences what and how you need to do in the team and with yourself. I'll tell you about how I look for points of support in myself and help the team see islands of safety. Everyone knows about the 5 stages of acceptance, but how to get through the stage of depression? This is often the most painful part!

My way is like this step by step:
1) receive devastating news (whether it is personal, business or global)
2) give myself a couple of hours to grieve and panic: for me these are the stages of bargaining and denial. I try not to give myself more time for these stages, because otherwise you can go into a psychological peak and it will be much more difficult to pull yourself out. You may even need the help of a professional: a coach or a psychologist (depending on the situation)
3) get angry! My anger usually boils down to an internal question "Can't I find a way out???" But I know that I'll find it! At least over the past 45 years I have always found, why not do it now?
4) assemble a team (if the matter is common) or sit down at the table by myself with a pen, paper, stickers and other auxiliary materials
5) write down on stickers all the objective risks that may be caused by the current situation
6) scatter them along a time line indicating the degree of probability – something will fall right "tomorrow" in a negative scenario, and something may not come in the next six months (for example, the money may not run out – you never know where else you will be lucky ?!)
7) focus on each risk individually and figure out how to minimize it! You can almost always find a "cure" or a "patch". I like to do this step on stickers of a positive color – you can immediately see the way out!
8) the most important stage is to find what is GOOD in this situation, what can you benefit from? Write it on a big beautiful sticker and remember it well! You can always find something good!
9) Remember the old parable - "THIS TOO WILL PASS"!