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Himalayan Syndrome

It all started when in 2003 we did not celebrate the first deal... We were very young adults (actually still teenagers) and were simply afraid to celebrate this first signing of the contract. Then we thought, signing a contract is a very small and simple task, but fulfilling it is a whole feat! Here we will execute and celebrate with interest.

We fulfilled this contract, but it was followed by new obligations to the same client, so again we thought that there was nothing to celebrate.

Approximately the same way I behaved in ordinary life. The last thing I remember from the achievements that I noted was my first diploma of higher education (Moscow State University of Foreign Languages named after Maurice Thorez) in 2001. It was a victory to get it: all the time I studied and worked in a full-fledged schedule, so there was only a few hours left for sleep from homework and the road. Our group was the only fully working one, we all worked with the German language, as translators. Almost all of us received 3 points at the state exam in German, so the whole group celebrated the diploma with resentment.

And then there was a cycle of events that were never celebrated:
  • The opening of the kids club in 2010 without any experience and knowledge! It's too early to celebrate, what if it won't work out!
  • I profitably sold the kids club in 2015! Well, I wouldn't see this money, I’d immediately invest it further in the “House by the Park” and the kindergarten “7 Gnomes”.
  • From 2015 until recently I received a lot of grants and awards! This was a social advance – I have not done anything yet, the main achievements are ahead!

And so on in all areas.

And just like a bolt from the blue all this gets a scientific name "HIMALAYAN SYNDROME" – the inability to celebrate victories!

Read about this phenomenon. What if it is also your problem? It leaves things unfinished and promises a loss of energy.

From now on, I celebrate all my small and big victories (and sometimes defeats) – this gives me the strength to go on!