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Creative or strategic session – what's the difference?

Creative sessions are brainstorming for creating new approaches, for generating ideas and finding solutions to very common problems. Both small and big number of participants can take part in such sessions. A creative session can be conducted both online and offline, and its duration may well be limited to a couple of hours.

Strategy sessions are a more private format. A rare real strategic session is designed for 20+ people, as a rule, unlike creative sessions, the strategy is written seriously and in depth by a maximum of a dozen participants (then it can already go to the masses). A strategy session is much more likely to last a few days than a few hours.
During the strategy session, in addition to issues related directly to the strategy with a planning horizon for many years, the following issues can also be worked out:
  • The values ​​of the company and their correlation with the personal values ​​of employees
  • Formation and promotion of the company's brand both within the company and for customers
  • Defining the mission of the company
  • Identification of trends affecting the development of the company on the horizon of different duration
  • Goal setting
  • Contradictions within the top team that impede the achievement of goals
  • Ways and means of achieving goals on the horizon from several months to several years

I also want to highlight communication sessions that will allow you to find a common language in a crisis situation.

Retrospective sessions will help analyze the team's achievements or failures, as well as sort out without shelving the obstacles to the implementation of short-term goals.