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I bring a photographer with me to every team session

What is the point of spending money on something that will be forgotten in a week or a month? – you may ask. I tell you, that I put a special meaning into these shootings and lay certain “anchors”. And will share these secrets with you.

Firstly, every person is happy to look for him/herself in the photographs, and in the process of reviewing, he/she recalls his/her emotions from the event.
Secondly, the sessions that I conduct always lead to some kind of insights. Sometime it's WOW, but very often it's A-HA. Returning to the photo album, the participants refresh their memory of the insights received before.
Thirdly, we all change with the course of life and often for the better. And I work with people who have been interacting with each other for years, so they are sometimes curious to look at the dynamics in themselves and those around them.

As a trainer and facilitator or team coach, I analyze the physiognomy of the participants and draw conclusions for the future on how to improve such events. Thanks to this, each next event is always more effective and effective than the previous one.