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How can WOW and A-HA effects help turn someone else's success into your own experience?

Everything simple is born from the complex! This insight came to me while studying at the Moscow School of Business SKOLKOVO on the Executive Coaching & Mentoring program. Half of the program is in English. You have to catch the subtleties of the language. This experience is valuable not only for language practice, but also for a completely unusual for our mentality outlook on life and work, which I will share!

So how do WOW and A-HA work?

WOW is something about admiration and amazement. The phenomenon is like a miracle that we cannot repeat. The point: this is an external phenomenon, we do not influence it.
A-HA (I translate it as “oh, how!”) is about the realization and knowledge of the secret meaning or knowledge, this is the opening of a “chest with riches”, which can now be used. The point: we fully influence the phenomenon, it depends only on us whether the experience will be valuable.

Example: we solve any problem (mathematical, logical, business one):

⁃ we see how someone else masterfully copes with the solution
⁃ feel admiration and / or even slight envy
⁃ can't repeat

⁃ it dawned on us HOW to solve it!
⁃ we experience delight (admiration for ourselves)
⁃ But most importantly: this is OUR experience, we can repeat it!
⁃ We have grown new neural connections

The ability to see WOW is the experience of being seen, and the ability to get to A-HA is the skill to turn the sight into one's own experience.